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… I compile my thoughts about programming

Thoughts grow to tweets, then blogs, then they just die

I’ll often want to Tweet something, but feel the need to explain further in a second Tweet. But something in that will need explaining, so it occurs to me that I really need a blog post. But then I realize I should probably post this as 2 or more separate posts to isolate ideas and keep them self contained and just link between them.

Then I realize I’ve got work to do, and drop it till I have time …
… which never comes and my thought dies having never lived.

*Even this one tweet expanded into a blog post!

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… so I can worry about curly braces

I just wanted to take this Remembrance Day opportunity to thank all the Canadian soldiers, past & present, living & dead, along with those of our allies, for your dedication & sacrifice.

Thank you for fighting for our liberties so we can worry about the more important things like; litterbugs, dynamic vs. static programming languages, and the endless irrelevant debates about curly braces.

Canadian National War Memorial - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Canadian National War Memorial - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

This image taken by Andrew Moor

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