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Finding my voice

I’ve written before (non-programming) and although I’m not a writer, I feel I wrote fairly well. I mean it was time consuming, and I probably made grammar errors which I’m not even aware of … but all in all; I feel I did a good job.

However, since starting ‘While I Compile’, I must admit, I haven’t felt the same kind of flow. Each post has been forced, and in rereading them, I’m unsatisfied. For example, the post on ‘Knowledge Holes & The Brilliant New Programmer’ describes an insight, which colleagues and clients thought was perceptive when told verbally, but when I reread that post, it doesn’t seem to pack the same punch.

I do enjoy blogging, and plan to continue. I’ve got a ton of great ideas and thoughts I want to share. But basically, I appear to be in the ‘Finding Your Voice’ phase. Over the next couple months, I may try a few different styles, and see which one is the most effective. By effective I mean; first and foremost delivering real value, maximizing my efficiency, and maximize my own insights, innovations, and learning.

I hope you’ll stick with me during this phase, don’t judge this blog based any one post and possibly even subscribe to the feed. Like I said, I do have some really good ideas that I plan to share.

Please leave a comment below on anything you feel I’m doing right, or anything you feel I could improve.

John MacIntyre

EDIT [02/24/09] – I’ve since yanked the ‘Knowledge Holes’ post. I’m just going to sit on it for a while, and perhaps it will be reborn in a new post in the future.


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Purpose of ‘While I Compile’

The purpose of this blog is to express my ideas about programming, software architecture, business of software, technical consulting, database design, etc…  I will also share code from my prototypes and proof of concepts.

I’ve wanted to share my thoughts and ideas about software for a long time, but was put off by two things; a) I wasn’t sure my ideas were that good, and b) I was nervous about exposing the holes in my knowledge via my ‘self declared’ insights.

As time goes on, I meet more and more programmers; and I have come to realize that my ideas do add value.  Although there is much I still don’t know there are many who will benefit from what I have to share. I have also changed my position about exposing the holes in my knowledge; and now see it as an opportunity to find and fill those holes.  Just writing about my thoughts will force me to be more aware to the implications of different decisions, and the limits of my knowledge.

I welcome criticism and disagreements put forth in a constructive manner.  And look forward to working with the commenter to find the truth and/or distinction so each of us can move forward a little better off.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to sharing my ideas.

Copyright © John MacIntyre 2009, All rights reserved

WARNING – All source code is written to demonstrate the current concept. It may be unsafe and not exactly optimal.

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